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  Aluminum Alloy Truss: Fast Plug Box Truss.

Almost our Truss System utilizes the Spigot Type assembly system, Designed for quick, effortless and secure assembly. Utilizing EN AW2011-T6 high rigid conical connectors and hard conical Sleeves makes for an extremely fast, simple and secure assembly of structures. All truss ends are fitted with precision CNC machined receivers and braced with horizontal end parts making an extremely durable construction perfect for continuous use in harsh environments.

   This connection type are cleverly use 3 different materials with high Friction coefficient to avoid fall off.





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Our Factory in Foshan-佛山舞台桁架廠區Our Factory in Foshan佛山一廠舞台桁架廠區 高端品質290x290跨距21x40米Heavy Duty Beam Truss 350x350 Truss, 18m Span-載重型屋型棚樑架1010 Duo Truss for Big Roof.   超強1010mm-單片式桁架-跨距大390x390 Truss with 30m Span,我司超強390桁架-跨距30米Customer's Design Available.快速搭架的解決方案 供应 越南国庆 特製36米大跨距-1200x650mm特大昇降舞台架